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Welcome to Institute Al Islam, one of the most authentic Islamic websites on the Internet. At Institute Al Islam we are engaged in publishing free Islamic literature using the Internet as a distribution medium. We publish online articles, books and videos to help Muslims and non-Muslims explore Islam with better understanding of the basic beliefs and practices of their faith.

With a modest beginning in November 1998 we have been able to provide an excellent collection of Islamic materials. We add new literature regularly and make sure all information remains up to date.

By the Grace and Help of Allah Almighty, on April 21st, 1999 we were successful in publishing an online copy of the most popular English translation of the Holy Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. We have also published the preface to the first edition to the translation and other introductory notes as available in the printed edition.

Listen to the Holy Quran – Recitation by Sheikh Sudais

Latest Updates

  • Aug 25, 2018: The Holy Quran pages published on this website now link to our website, where The Holy Quran Translation by A. Yusuf Ali, 1934 was published on Aug 24, 2018.
  • Jul 19, 2017: We’ve begun adding Arabic text to our copy of the Holy Quran this week.
  • Jun 27, 2017: We’re re-organizing the site’s design and content this week.
  • Jun 25, 2017: A very happy Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak to all our visitors!
  • Jun 15, 2017: We completed publishing Sheikh Sudais’s entire Quran recitation on our Youtube Channel!
  • Feb 16, 2017: Institute Al Islam’s all time views from June 2008 till date are 501,398 – a half a million visitors – الحَمْد لله‎!
  • Feb 02, 2017: We’re discontinuing The Pen Wrote site and incorporating it into Institute Al Islam (this site).
  • Dec 23, 2016: We have recently launched the Ahmed Deedat Radio station at this link: Radio – we encourage you to Listen Live 24.7 (IMPORTANT: Not kid friendly due to it’s content).

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