One Hundred examples of what Allah is NOT!

To have a look at What Allah is not, it’s best if we take a brief look at this beautiful Surah (chapter) of the Quran, where Allah Almighty orders us to:

Say: He is Allah the One and Only; Allah the Eternal Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.” Holy Quran; Surah 112; Verses 1-4

Allah is NOT:

  1. A man, woman or child
  2. Head of a family; father or mother
  3. A son or daughter (begotten)
  4. A stone, stick or wall
  5. Statue, sculptor or monument
  6. The sun, moon or star
  7. A prophet, sage or oracle
  8. A book, article or statement
  9. The air, land or sea
  10. A bird or beast
  11. A plant, tree or forest
  12. Subject to life or death
  13. Hungry, weak or poor
  14. Fearful of his creation
  15. Blind, deaf or dumb
  16. Deceitful
  17. Darkness
  18. Stingy or a miser
  19. Coward or traitor
  20. Tired or Sleepy
  21. Unmindful of what mankind does
  22. Ignorant
  23. Sick or dead
  24. Servant
  25. Powerless
  26. Unjust
  27. Helpless
  28. Misguided
  29. Insufficient
  30. Unkind
  31. Unmerciful
  32. Trinity
  33. Fire or Ice
  34. Satan
  35. Unloving
  36. Follower
  37. Worshiper
  38. Impure
  39. Wicked
  40. Bountiless
  41. Arrogant
  42. Mischievous
  43. Unwise
  44. False
  45. Crooked
  46. Body or humanly form
  47. Hiding
  48. A created being
  49. Fearful
  50. Unacquainted
  51. Unforgetful
  52. Uncaring
  53. In debt
  54. Inconsistent
  55. Contradictory
  56. Evil
  57. Untrustworthy
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