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86 thoughts on “Sheikh Ahmed Deedat”

  1. Al-Hamdulillah I spent a very great and a long time visiting Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Rahimahullah almost daily to King Faisal Specialized Hospital along with my friends Br. Imran Siddiqui (Islamic Orator on Comparative Religions, and Founder of IREF-Islamic Research and Educational Foundation, and supposed student of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Rahimahullah) and others during his treatment while he was admitted to this hospital in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Hamdulillah got benefited greatly from him even though Shaikh was bedridden and paralyzed. Finally, I also consider myself as his student. Also, frequently met Brother Yousef Deedat Hafidhahullah, and Shaikh’s wife during almost our every visit. May Allah SWT forgive the Shaikh for all his shortcomings and grant him Jannat Al-Firdouse in the hereafter. Ameen Ya Rab Al-Alameen. I wonder if someone could provide me with the contact number of Brother Yousef Ahmed Deedat (Hafidhahullah).

  2. Thru His Literatures Am Now Withstanding And Harder On Devils…May The Almghty Allah Grant Ahmed Deedat Jannatul Firdausi..Inshallah Rip Sheikh!

  3. ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!! May almight grand him with aljannatul fiddausi may allah forgive him and may allah help his family and may allah help me to be like him ABUBAKAR MUAZU IBRAHIM from KADUNA, KADUNA STATE OF NIGERIA.

  4. may Allah bestow him the highest place in jannah….personally he continues to be my role model throughout my life….his speech, knowledge amazing……

  5. Uhum we never forget the strong man like dedat in our life my Allah grand him paradise

  6. SALAM ALAYKUM. Only Allas (swt) can reward Ahmad Deedat.He did his best to show Islam to the world. May ALLAH grants him Djannatul Firdaws.

  7. may d peace and blessing be on to him and also may allah have his hand on his family dt his left.

  8. May Allah (s.w.t) forgive Ahmad Deedat for his enormous contributions to Islam. I listened to his numerous lectures and read his book entitled,”IS THE BIBLE GOD’S WORD?” and I immensely benefited from it. My words are not enough to express my appreciations and how I hold our great intellectual. May his deeds be accepted by Allah. The loss of this man in the face of muslims is unreplenishable. May Allah forgive him,AMEEN.

  9. Sheikh Ahmed DEEDAT is my favourite scholar I really admire him,May his soul rest in peace…I love you Mr DEEDAT……


  11. Shiekh Ahmed Deddat (Rahmatullah alaih) Masha Allah he has done a great job for Muslims & Islam its being only 2 months i started watching his lectures & debates but i am able to debate with Christians around me, i love him soo much i wish i could see & meet him but Insh Allah i believe if i do good deeds i will meet him in Jannah Insha Allah, an honorable great man

    May Allah swt grant him highest place in Jannah

    Muhammad Fahad Rehman (Karachi, Pakistan )

    Ma’a Salama

  12. mashAllah, in the name of ALLAH i missed sheikh ahmed deedaat may ALLAH bless u and grant u mercy inshAllah we pray for u

  13. May Allah bless our father ,our teacher, the brave man , the lion, the wise and intellectual Sheikh ahmed deedat, he revealed the truth , told the world to know the chain of messangers of God from ADAM. ..moses, ..Jesus .. to Mohamed (pbuh).. that they were all messangers of Allah , spreading the message of God, to the people .. that there is only one Almighty God to worship. and all the God`s messangers were telling to the their people only that message . May allah forgive us , and forgive our parents and Children , may allah reward us to Janah. May allah reward Ahmed deedat To JANATUL FARDOSA FOR his sucriface to spread the Word of God. AMEEEN

  14. May Allah make paradise to be his home and may Allah make me more him to be deedat plus.

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