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Dr. Israr Ahmad passed away this morning in Lahore

As reported by the Associated Press of Pakistan, Veteran religious scholar of Islam Dr. Israr Ahmed passed away early this morning (April 14th, Wednesday) in Lahore, Pakistan.

We pray to Allah to bless his soul and to accept his work and efforts made in his life and to reward him the best in the hereafter and allow us to pray for him in days and times to come. Ameen, sumameen.

Institute Al Islam has maintained a Scholar’s Introduction page for Dr. Israr Ahmad for over a decade which you may want to read about here: Scholars Introduction: Dr. Israr Ahmad

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Israr Ahmad passed away this morning in Lahore

  1. Honourable Dr. Israar Ahmed truly was a great scholar.
    An unforgettable personality. A great person. We really love him.

    ALLAH unnki maghfirat fermaaey aur unnkey derjaat bulnnd fermaaey.

    Hum sbbkou ALLAH hee kee teraf laut ker jaana hai.
    Mohteram Dr. Israar Ahmed Saahb bohut brrey Aalim aur Mufakkir they!
    Bohut achhey they. Deen-e-Haq pe qaaeym.
    Meri unnkey saath bohut zyaada attachment thi.
    Bohut lectures hain merey paas Doctor Saahb ke.

    Main unnkey jinaazey mein gyaa, my father and my brother also.
    Bohut brri taadaad mein loug they! Central Park, Model Town, Lahore.
    Mainey apni zindagi mein kisi ke jinaazey mein itney loug naheen dekhey!
    ALLAH unnki bukhshish fermaaey aur unnkey derjaat bulnnd fermaaey.
    ALLAH humein Deen kaa sahee fehm dey.
    ALLAH hum subkou Deen-e-Haq pe qaaeym kerey.

  2. I found dr israr the greatest scholar of islam among the others .he spent all his life teaching q quran and he struggled to change our lives through quran pak . i was inspired very first time when i listened his lecture on islam .may god bless him and give him janat ul firdos ameen

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