Dr. Zakir Naik

Zakir Kareem NaikDr. Zakir Naik, President of the Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai- India, is a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion.

He is the main driving spirit, Alhamdulillah, behind the Islamic Research Foundation getting worldwide acclaim for the proper presentation, understanding and clarification of Islam, as well as for removing misconceptions about Islam.

Though a Medical Doctor by professional training, he has dedicated his life to spread the truth of Islam worldwide, specially amongst millions of English knowing audiences. At only 32 years, Dr. Zakir explains the teachings of Islam as well as convincingly clears misconceptions about Islam with references from the Quran and Sahih Hadith, and with the help of Reason, Logic and Science. He has a tremendous ability to quote extensively and verbatim from the Glorious Quran, and from other religious scriptures.

Dr. Zakir is renowned for his critical analysis and his spontaneous and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by the audiences and skeptics after his public talks during the open Question & Answer sessions.

He has delivered more than 200 talks within the last two years alone in several countries including United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Malaysia, and Singapore, in addition to many talks in India. He has also participated in symposiums with prominent personalities of other faiths.

Dr. Zakir has appeared on various international TV Programs and Satellite Channels Programs in United States of America, Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, etc. He has appeared on live interactive talk shows on Radio in several countries.
Dr. Zakir Naik’s more than 100 lectures, debates and symposia, available on audio and video cassettes, are very popular. He has authored books on Islam and Comparative Religion.

Contact Information:

Following is the contact information for The Islamic Research Foundation, (IRF) Mumbai, India.

Your could write, visit or send a FAX to IRF to get latest information about events and lectures. The official website of IRF is www.irf.net and inquiries are promptly entertained at IRF’s email address: islam@irf.net.

Islamic Research Foundation
Regd. Public Trust No. B-1409 (Bom).
56/58 Tandel Street (North), Dongri, Mumbai 400 009, India.
Phone: +91 2223736875 Fax: +91 2223730689
Email: islam@irf.net Website: www.irf.net
If you happen to visit Mumbai, India you could use the following information:

(i) Call IRF on +91 2223736875, visit IRF and attend and participate in programs at the IRF auditorium (at the IRF office premises) on:

Sundays 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. (English) (Separate seating for ladies) Mondays 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Urdu – ladies only)
Saturdays 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. (English) (Separate seating for ladies)

IRF’s programs normally consist of a lecture followed by an open question and answer session. You may, if you wish, pose your queries (on Islam and Comparative Religion) during the question and answer session during Sunday programs. You may invite your friends, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to programs at IRF.

(ii) You may also pay a visit to the IRF office on any day (except Fridays) between 10:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.. During such a visit, you may go through the catalogue of video-cassettes of the IRF video library, browse through Islamic literature and even purchase Islamic literature of your liking at ‘Islamic Dimensions’, the sales outlet at IRF.

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32 thoughts on “Dr. Zakir Naik”

  1. Aslamalikum my name is Ali and i am inspired with the knowledge of Dr Zakir regarding Islam, i am from Pakistan and i want to educate my son in islamic education institute so what you suggest me?

  2. aoa i m abiha from pakistan plz dr sahab open an institute like al islam in pakistan pppllllllzzzzz can i study online ?have u any online programmes for learning quran

  3. Salam Alakum, our community is trying to invite our brother Dr.Zakir to do a speech/lecture.

    I wanted to know who we would need to talk to to arrange it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jazak allah alkhair

  4. alhamdulillah for Allah that creates me on Muslim then I thanks to messengers of Allah muhammad (s.a.s) that guides us on the right way (in Islam way) & i thanks to all muslim scholar by the name of allah including recent scholar Dr. zakir ,I want deep knowledge of qura’an from this company aww

  5. A simple question that why a Great Islamic Scholar prefers western dress with tie and even uses his photograph with western dress on social media and wherever the photo is required?

    If such a scholar even cannot change his habit and why he doesn’t prefer Islamic Dress then how can he set an example for a large number of his followers and other Muslims?

    If a Muslim lady adopt western dress Respectable Dr. Zakir will definitely condemn the same.
    Need authentic reply to satisfy number of people around me.

  6. I am trying to contact IRF . Telephone is not working and also website is not working. Please can somebody help me, I need contact #.
    Thank you


  8. Assalam o alikom mai ap ka bohot barha fYn hu…
    Allah ap apko himmad dy k ap Islam k leye itna kuch kar rahen he….
    Allah apko Zindagi dy Ameen!!

  9. Regard Sir . Slam Sir.. My Name Mohinder Singh I am very fan to you. I a” m Sikh your we friends. thank you.

  10. I am muslims. I like of allah.. I special support Dr Zakir Naik Amen.. I hope more additional lessons..
    Thanks you. …
    DR Zakir Naik Amen I liked my persons……

  11. Al Salamu 3aleykum

    So my name is Ilyas I am 19 and I’m actually a student but I pass many time on comparative religion subjects mainly Christianity and Islam and I would be very glad and happy to have a personal help or boost from Dr Zakir Naik. I had many debates with some Christians and Atheist and one of them accepted Islam Alhamdulilah and since I was young I felt that I can have a future in debates specially in comparative religion. I know that my chance are very low to have what I’m requesting but it’s always better to try and I hope that one day I’ll be able to realize my dream In Sha Allah.

    Jazak’ Allah

  12. One thing I want to know. What is religion? I kept on hearing one thing that Islam is what was before, what is now and what is future. I want to know why we follow a religion?? Is it necessary? Why should I BELIEVE In Allah or shiva or something else. What is the meaning of Allaha?? Is He a singular body??? Please let me know…

  13. Asalamu Alaikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuhu
    thanks Allah subhan wa talah who created us among muslims and Muslim families and made us umati Mohammad PBUH

  14. Dr. Zakir Naik is # 1, scholar of Islamic world as of today. He great geneous, and BEST of best. JAZZK ALLAH. MESSAGER OF PEACE

  15. Assalam, i was trying to reach to the given no.s on websote of IRF but non if them are working.. could u help me with the new no. cos i m looking for lecture n debate dvd’s of Mr Zakir Naik..

    Allah Hafiz

    • Waalikumsalam, thanks for asking, I have updated this page with new contact numbers from the http://www.irf.net website. We are in the process of publishing Dr. Zakir Naik’s entire video collection at Institute Al Islam for online viewing for free, InshAllah, we hope we can keep doing our best in trying to bring truth to the masses. (You may require a broadband internet connection to view these video programs.)

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